Text Box: The difference between Le Femme and  most other transformation businesses is we view each client as a friend and see them as a whole person, body, mind and spirit, with male and female traits. We provide clients with a holistic cross-dressing experience, allowing them to explore all aspects of their female side through education, friendship, mentoring and counseling. We strive to assist each individual with more than simply the outward appearance.  
We are located in Piscataway, New Jersey near Rutgers University New Brunswick.
Everyone is welcome at Le Femme.  Come explore your femme side.

Phone: 732-241-4174

Phone hours:10 am—10 pm EST

If you are outside of the USA

please use e-mail instead of the phone


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Lady Ellen’s Make-up Tips

Full Male to Female Transformation— up to 3 hours, $200

We will provide everything you need: wig, breast forms, and under garments to sculpt your shape; make-up, clothing (sizes small to 3 XL), stockings, shoes (women’s sizes 9 to 15), jewelry and other accessories. We will see to it that you are relaxed and poised before we take digital photographs. You will leave with a disc containing about 50 pictures including two or more wig and clothing changes. You will be amazed at how beautiful, feminine, sexy and natural you will look!


Transformation & fantasy photo session—up to 3 hours, $200

Same as full male to female transformation but we help you capture your fantasies in photos.  Bring your favorite sexy clothing, leather, fur or whatever else you love. You can choose from our selection of outfits including bridal, lingerie, school girl, biker babe, sissy maid, bondage slave and more. We are open to almost anything else you can imagine. We can show off your cleavage, your legs, your toes or capture your favorite fetish.  When you register just tell me what you desire!


Transformation with movement lessons—up to 3 hours, $200

Same as full male to female transformation but only one outfit, less pictures PLUS one hour of walking in heels and other movement lessons.


Transformation & feminine etiquette training—up to 3 hours, $200  Same as full male to female transformation but only one outfit, less pictures PLUS training in feminine behaviors, manners and some movement.


Transformation with an outing—up to 3 hours, $200

Full male to female transformation with everything you need provided, some pictures PLUS 1 1/2 hours out en femme.


Nails—Finger nail painting or artificial nails are included with your transformation at no extra cost

Nail Salon—Lady Ellen will accompany you to the nail salon for a pedicure and/or manicure as part of your transformation session or without other services. Go en femme or in male mode.


Pre-Party Transformation SpecialThis service is only available the day of an event to be held at Le Femme. 1 1/2 hours $200 (time may not be extended)

A full male to female transformation including use of wig, shoes and undergarments, one full length photo and one head and shoulder photo to be emailed to you the day after the party.

Make-up Application Before You Go Out—1 hour, $50

You may dress on site at no extra charge.  Last appointment begins at 8 pm.

Bring your own lipstick and powder for touch ups while out. You will take home a free liquid eye liner and mascara.

We are located 12 miles from Somerset; 13 Miles from S. Amboy; 31 Miles from Boonton; 37 Miles from LIPS in NYC; 41 Miles from Club Paradise in Asbury Park


Consulting by Phone - first 1/2 hour free then $50 a session

If you need someone to talk to, need advice from someone experienced, have questions and no one else to ask or want mentoring from a mother figure e-mail Lady Ellen.  Don’t be shy, you can talk to me about ANYTHING. We can talk on the phone after 9 pm or on weekends or exchange e-mails. I DO NOT USE INSTANT MESSENGER.  You can send payments by Paypal on-line or by mail. 

If you are outside the USA please e-mail, do not phone.


Presentations available for your group:


1. Dressing for Success; Blend in and pass in public

2. Walking and other Feminine Movements

3. Naturally Beautiful; Make-up and color lesson

4. Advanced Make-up techniques

5. Find your best colors

6. Dressing for your shape

7. Feminine Deportment

8. Fashion Trends this year

Lady Ellen and Kyla are willing to travel along the east coast to meet with groups. E-mail LadyEllen@lefemmefinishingschool.com for more information.


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Image Consultation for experienced girls— 1 1/2 hours, $100

Bring your clothes over or bring pictures of yourself in a variety of outfits or come dressed in your favorite outfit. Lady Ellen will evaluate what you have been wearing and we will discover if you are presenting the image that you desire. You will learn if you are buying the right sizes, if your clothing choices are the most flattering for your body shape, if your favorite colors are the best colors for your skin tone and if your hair or wig style is up to date and flattering for your face shape. You will also learn make-up tips specific to your facial features. Together we will evaluate your total look from head to toe including under garments and you will leave with more confidence,  a more polished look and printed information custom created for you.


Image Consultation for girls new to dressing and shopping for themselves— up to 3 hours, $200

You will learn your female sizes, the recommended breast size for your body, the best colors in make-up for your skin tone, the best hair style and color to flatter your face shape, complexion and most appropriate for your age.  You will learn which styles and shapes of clothing will best accentuate your body and what undergarments will help you achieve the feminine shape you desire.  Your 3 hour session will also include a makeup lesson and instruction in walking .


Assisted Shopping— $50 per hour

Lady Ellen can assist you, advise you, allow you to pretend the clothes, shoes, sex toys or whatever you want to buy are mine or hold your hand if you are nervous.  I f you are ready to shop en femme for clothing I can go in the ladies dressing room with you. Plus,Village Beauty Supply in South Plainfield (near Le Femme) offers low priced quality wigs and I have taken several clients there in drab and dressed to try them on.  The staff is friendly and the customers don’t seem to care.  When you register tell me what would make your shopping experience perfect.


Lessons are available with a transformation, with an image consultation or on their own for $50 per hour

Walking gracefully and feminine movement

Feminine deportment and etiquette

Your femme colors (clothing, make-up & hair)

Hostess training or maid training

Learn to cook or sew

Feminine Image

Extend your session for $50 per hour

 8 hour session $400


If you are interested in something you do not see here do not be afraid to ask. However, we do not offer any sexual services or dating services.

Text Box: No Sex Services!