school but we had to be sure he was back in boy mode before my dad came home.  At age 18 my girlfriend and I  started hanging out at “Esculita” in the city on drag nights.  I admired all of the flair, glamour and glitter the queens presented. Sometimes men in the club would say to my friend, “She can’t be a real girl, she looks too good”. It was a strange compliment but I was flattered.

When I married and had children my life changed until one day a very close friend of the family “came out” to me.  He had been secretly dressing.  He asked if I would teach him to apply make-up and teach him to walk in heels.  He and I would sneak away from our spouses to play dress up every couple of months. I was the only soul he trusted to talk to about his feminine exploration.

A few years later I saw an episode of “Real Sex” on HBO and Miss Vera was transforming a man for his first outing.  I turned to my husband and said, “Why can’t I have a fun job like that?”  The truth was I never thought it was a real possibility until I met Nikki on-line.  Nikki is a beautiful t-girl from Texas who was running a part-time transformation business from an apartment she rented.  I was so excited and fascinated by this that I probed her for more and more information.  She advised me on how to start my own business.

I began studying photography and make-up books, including theater and stage make-up, then practiced on my daughter and her friends. I read books about cross-dressing and researched transgender issues on the web.

After creating my first website in July 2005 I began meeting cds (mostly closeted) on the web. I found many of them with an ad I placed on line. The week between Christmas and New Years I had eight appointments! We were off to a great start.  During my first year I was a vendor at three conferences in three different states. I met many friendly people who were very open and shared their stories of pain and success with me.  I attended a few parties and hosted a couple of my own.  My contacts within the community began to grow. Since then I have presented at transgender conferences and support groups in NJ, NY, PA, VA and GA. It has been a wonderful adventure!

It seems that my past, my interests, as well as my skills have fortuitously combined to enable me to assist the cross-dressing and transgender community.

For years I have had a love of studying human behavior and psychology and now I found myself with a new community of friends looking for my counsel and advice. I have become a mentor and mother to the little girl inside the man.

I have been a teacher of Health, Safety and Aquatics since 1993 and now I am using my teaching skills to present workshops at transgender conferences!

Men and women over the years have commented on the gracefulness of my movements and form of my posture.  Now I am using my 12 years of dance training to create  movement lessons to assist cds and tgs to walk, turn, stand and sit gracefully.

I never imaged my life would change and develop the way it has but I am glad that I was open to change and brave enough to follow my passion.  I have met some of the kindest, most polite, caring and generous ladies in the cd and tg community. The girls I have met in the past few years have become some of my closest and most trusted friends.

Thank you for visiting our website. Please feel free to contact me even if you are not interested in my services.  I always enjoy meeting new people.

Lady Ellen -  September 2006

Phone: 732-241-4174

Phone hours:10 am—10 pm EST

If you are outside of the USA

please use e-mail instead of the phone

My name is Lady Ellen.  I am the Owner and Operator of Le Femme Finishing School in NJ.

New people I meet always wonder how a wife and mother of three became involved in the cross-dressing (cd) and transgender (tg) community since my husband Kurt does not cross dress. The truth is it all just came together for me and I am loving every minute of it!

My story began in high school when a male friend asked if he could try on my clothes and asked if I would put make up on him. I found it fun to dress him up after






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